Friday, January 15, 2010

I see the light....

It is official: Tomorrow we are going home!

Brecken has had a busy week getting to this point. On Monday he was circumcised and today they performed his last eye exam as well as gave him a dose of Synrgis for help prevent him from getting RSV.

Last night he also did the "carseat challenge," this challenge required him to sit in his carseat for four hours to make sure he maintained adequate oxygen levels--of which he did. We also were able to spend the night at the hospital with him last night too. It was kind of weird to have him all to ourselves. The nurses brought his crib into our room and unhooked his monitors. The only thing we had to worry about what his oxygen. I am guessing that this was suppose to be a dry run of what it will be like when we get home. It was great for me. Everytime I tried to get up to take care of him in the night John would tell me to just go back to bed.

End result of John's generousity: John is sleeping right now. I think he is still trying to recover from last night.

The night went pretty well. We fed and changed him a few times and for the first time EVER it felt as though we actually had a baby, don't get me wrong I have always felt like he was mine, but it seemed less real with all the doctors, monitors and nurses by our sides every minute.

Tomorrow, though, we make the long trek home. John and I both joked that when we were in Bozeman last week it felt as though Denver was more of a home then our new house....hopefully that will change when we bring the baby home.

Secretly, I am doing a little jig. For the mere fact that I get to go home, sleep in my own bed, and not have to make the awful drive to downtown Denver ever again (maybe not EVER again, just for not a long time).....:)


  1. Oh goodness! I'm so happy for you guys! You finally get to go HOME!!! You are awesome parents and I am the proud aunt of the cutest little redhead EVER :) Drive safely and let me know when you make it. Love ya!


  2. Wahoo!! See you all in Sunday School! The Clark's

  3. YES!! Home sweet home! Are you driving all the way with Brecken? We're so excited for you guys! I am just so happy! yah! :)

  4. What an awesome feeling to know that you are a family and that all of the structure and stuffiness of the hospital are a thing of the past. These next coming weeks will be hard and overwhelmingly rewarding. You both have done such an amazing job and I can not wait to see little Breckon grow!!!!!