Sunday, March 20, 2011

Freezing Feet, RSV, and The Pioneer Woman

Two weeks ago we went to Fort Peck to go ice fishing. This mini vacae was John's Birthday present, I would have preferred palm trees and sunshine...I didn't win.
We ended up bringing our neighbors along with us. They were good sports, with it being butt freezing cold and all...and they are also still talking to us which is also a good sign.

I figure if we can make it through an ice fishing trip together then we can make it through anything.

When we got to Fort Peck we ended up staying at the lake and the five star accomidations were amazing, it was a total man haven. The duct tape home decor, mismatched sheets, endless fishing, and 50 sports channels made it John's heaven.  
The trip was fun, but I can honestly say that I have never been so cold in my entire life. Both Kim and I  thought we were going to lose our feet. While the guys were ice fishing we were huddled up in the ice shanty trying to stay warm by the heater, and even with the heater it was still fa-reezing!
 the best fishing actually occured right when we got there and then we got skunked out, and don't be fooled by the pictures--Kim actually caught the biggest fish, but for the sake of helping the ego's of the guys we let them hold the big guys.
 While we were gone we left Brecken at home with Mom and Kelty, I felt weird leaving him because he had been kind of sluggish earlier that week. While we were gone he had a fever and by Monday I ended up taking him to the hospital only to find out he had RSV. crap.

To make a long story short we were back and forth from the hospital all week and John also ended up catching RSV from Little B. In adults, RSV is more like a severe cold, but it can still be very contagious. So I had John quaratined at home for two days and Brecken at home for four days. I was going stir crazy..

 Luckily, as soon as Brecken started to get better the weather also started to warm up. Hallelujah!

In other crazy news, I met the Pioneer Woman this weekend. It was a sweaty palms, shaking experience. Yes, I was the one with sweaty palms....I was giddy, and overally excited. It made for a bad first impression, I think....

Monday, February 28, 2011

Long Time No See....

So Brecken is growing like a noxious weed. yeah, he is growing that fast. It seems like yesterday that we brought him home from Denver. I remember those tiny, tiny fingers that would gently grasp themselves around my pinky. Every cough or sneeze would send me running to his side and his oxygen tubes. Wow! I am so glad that those tubes are gone.

Now, when he coughs I try to avoid it's direct hit. And those tiny fingers are getting huge. My lil' munchkin is now a big boy.

Along with his big boy status he also has a big boy smile to go along with it. He has the most energetic smile. His laugh sends me rolling and those eyes--well, I am jealous of those eyes. Man, I wish I could have crystal cobalt blue eyes.
 He is also a real Evil Kenevil. He took a major face plant into our mantel...the tears and sobs lasted for about an hour or so, but once he calmed down he had a marshmallow face and a bright smile to show off his war wounds.
 He has also found a love for posing. Yeah, he loves the camera and he loves making faces with food in his mouth. he's kinda gross.
And, the ultimate sign that he is getting big. Well, he is walking. he walks forward, backward, sideways, and he runs. sorta. He has also mastered the stairs. He goes up and down, up and down. He would do it all day long if I would let him.  

He has also upgraded to toddler shoes, he waddled around for the first day, but now he takes off like a mad man in his new kicks.
Oh, and I turned 26. John, with his awesome party planning abilities threw me a surprise party. And, no party would be complete without the presence of Chuck. yeah, he was kick. hahahaa. get it? kick.
We all avoided eating his face.
 John also turned 27. I can't seem to find the pictures of that night, but I did find the pictures of that morning. Yeah, he is a real poser.

I think he could learn a few things from Brecken about smiling for a picture....

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fishing Excursions and the Knife Wielding Maniac

Last week we made a quick change of plans and decided to go to Casper for the weekend. As usual the trip was an excuse for John to go fishing again.

John and his brother, along with the boys, and some friends entered the local ice fishing derby. They caught a lot of great fish and they were not that far off from having the largest fish either. One of the guys on their team actually won a new ice auger and some money.

 So while the weekend was full of a lot of fishing it was also full of a lot of time in the pickup. During our drive through the beautiful (hahahaha) State of Wyoming I played around with my new camera. John didn't think I would be able to get a picture of the Sheridan sign because we were driving to fast...little did he know that not only do I rock as a photographer, but my camera speed is well equipped to get such pictures! HA!

Little B, you ask? What has he been up to?

Well, over the last few weeks he has really started to walk. He no longer needs the couch to hold himself up and if we say, "We gonna get you" he starts to run away...kind of. It is more like his arms thrashing in the air while his legs try to keep up.

 He does have a new trick though...he likes to help with the dishes, he likes to climb into the dishwasher while I am trying to empty it.

 Most of the time he gets bored of standing on the dishwasher so he then resorts to pulling the pans out and then he bangs them around on the floor.

While I was putting away dishes the other day he saw his favorite cup and about peed himself with excitement while trying to pull it out.

When he gave up and knew that it was stuck in on the top shelf he moved on to a new adventure. Yep, he found the knives. I should have stopped taking pictures because he soon became a wide-eyed, knife wielding maniac...I think it was because he knows that knives are off limits. Obviously, I am really strict on that rule.

No more pics because I had to retrieve the knife which sent my punk into a back thrashing fit of rage...and the tears came a rollin' out....

   the fish crazed John, the camera happy Halsey, and the knife wielding Punk.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Years in a flash....(I'm kinda digging this flash thing).

Went to the Belgrade Lounge and sang a lot of Karaoke. John said Abby and I were the worst he'd ever seen. Obviously, he doesn't know talent when he sees it.

 Then there was Buck he was a lil' of Johnny, a lil' of Charlie and I think a lil' of Santa.

 New Years. New camera. new babies. Old fire/snow tricks.

 And more of the snow on fire snow tricks...

And lots of food. loves from Sammy to Brecken. And Buzz Lightyear.

 New Years day with the peeps.

 John has moves.
We have moves.

And we have some moves that are probably not suitable for children's eyes.


Christmas in a Flash

 B loves to attach Squirt- Squirt loves to lick Brecken.

 We ate lots of candy. Lots is actually an understatement.
 John caught fish...of course.
 B's favorite present. A box of packing peanuts, it was also he favorite treat. gross.

Gingerbread building competition. Team John/Halsey/Kelty won. Why? because I am writing this post and what I say is always honest and true.

Christmas morning. Can there ever be a good Christmas morning picture?

There you have it folks....

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas with the Bishops and a lot of crap...literally.

When I look at our Christmas card from last year I laugh. a. lot. Okay, maybe I shouldn't be laughing, but I mean seriously, Brecken looks like a doll. Look at his arms, he looks like an outstretched, oxygen lovin' baby.

 I am, however, so thankful for this year's picture. Even though Little B looks like a premature Casanova with his puckered lips I know that I would never give up his silly face or personality for anything.

 Our Christmas season was so wonderful this year. We were able to find the perfect tree within 30 minutes, Brecken got to see Santa....twice, and John has been able to slaughter lots and lots of fish!

So from our house to yours we hope you had an awesome Christmas!
FYI...I will have Christmas pics up as soon as I steal Kelty's camera to retrieve all the pictures!

Until then...enjoy our lovely faces hahahahahahahaha

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fact: My baby is a human vaccuum cleaner.

Little B has turned into a mad man...or baby. whatever. Anyway, now that he is mobile he is going crazy. He gets into everything, he attempts to climb everything, and he BANGS everything. Yeah, just about everything we own has his grubby lil' fingers prints on it now.

 His newest fettish is eating everything off the floor. I don't even know how he finds some of the the things that he puts in his mouth. I feel as though I am gagging him twenty times a day. Yesterday for instance, he managed to rip off both of his OWN socks and shoved BOTH of them in his the same time. He also found cat food, styrofoam pieces, a rock, a pen cap, and a bobby pin. I am not lying.

 However, even with the new desire for unedible objects he is not nearly has fussy anymore. After his birthday we took him into the hospital on the 10th to get tubes put in his ears.

Hallejulah! I heard angels singing that day.

 It took awhile for him to finally sleep through the night, but his is doing it now. He has always been a happy baby, but now he is a happy/mountain dew crazed/candy fed baby.

 My second round of giddiness happened when John finally got his buck. No more hunting season meant ...prepping for fishing season.

Correction: He has already begun the ice fishing season.

While John and the boys reduced the fish populated at Highlight, Brecken got to play with his cousins he was a bit dramatic at times. Note: I have become this crazy camera lady when it comes to taking pictures...I figured I would take a break over Thanksgiving and not torture the family.

Anyway, Thanksgiving was great the food and company were awesome, ghe shopping was not as great...I will say it again: I hate waffle irons. here's the story 'bout that adventure.

Other news: Our dear friend Colleen had her lil' babe Maddie over the Thanksgiving week. Brecken still is not quite sure what she is....he is a bit skeptical about this whole baby business.

 I also learned a valuable lesson over Thanksgiving: A spoon in the bottom of a bowl will end the life of a beater. 'nuf said.

 And the best part about November: Little B STANDING on his own!

YEAH!!!!! Okay to be honest this was not the very first time, but it was the first time I actually got a picture.


If you are really bored interested check out my sister's blog. She is doing 25 days of ugly sweaters. That's right folks she is going to wear an ugly sweater from now until Christmas. Yeah, she is just that classy.