Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas with the Bishops and a lot of crap...literally.

When I look at our Christmas card from last year I laugh. a. lot. Okay, maybe I shouldn't be laughing, but I mean seriously, Brecken looks like a doll. Look at his arms, he looks like an outstretched, oxygen lovin' baby.

 I am, however, so thankful for this year's picture. Even though Little B looks like a premature Casanova with his puckered lips I know that I would never give up his silly face or personality for anything.

 Our Christmas season was so wonderful this year. We were able to find the perfect tree within 30 minutes, Brecken got to see Santa....twice, and John has been able to slaughter lots and lots of fish!

So from our house to yours we hope you had an awesome Christmas!
FYI...I will have Christmas pics up as soon as I steal Kelty's camera to retrieve all the pictures!

Until then...enjoy our lovely faces hahahahahahahaha

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