Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas in a Flash

 B loves to attach Squirt- Squirt loves to lick Brecken.

 We ate lots of candy. Lots is actually an understatement.
 John caught fish...of course.
 B's favorite present. A box of packing peanuts, it was also he favorite treat. gross.

Gingerbread building competition. Team John/Halsey/Kelty won. Why? because I am writing this post and what I say is always honest and true.

Christmas morning. Can there ever be a good Christmas morning picture?

There you have it folks....


  1. Psh. We ALSO won because of 1. Aboriginal gingerbread man and 2. Best frosting icicles ever. True dat.

  2. Whatevs K. We have a wicked awesome mutilated peppermint head by OUR gingerbread train. That makes us the winner. Go back and look at the picture...bottom right...THERE IT IS! Bahahaha! And may I say, we all look super duper hot in our family Christmas pic.