Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fishing Excursions and the Knife Wielding Maniac

Last week we made a quick change of plans and decided to go to Casper for the weekend. As usual the trip was an excuse for John to go fishing again.

John and his brother, along with the boys, and some friends entered the local ice fishing derby. They caught a lot of great fish and they were not that far off from having the largest fish either. One of the guys on their team actually won a new ice auger and some money.

 So while the weekend was full of a lot of fishing it was also full of a lot of time in the pickup. During our drive through the beautiful (hahahaha) State of Wyoming I played around with my new camera. John didn't think I would be able to get a picture of the Sheridan sign because we were driving to fast...little did he know that not only do I rock as a photographer, but my camera speed is well equipped to get such pictures! HA!

Little B, you ask? What has he been up to?

Well, over the last few weeks he has really started to walk. He no longer needs the couch to hold himself up and if we say, "We gonna get you" he starts to run away...kind of. It is more like his arms thrashing in the air while his legs try to keep up.

 He does have a new trick though...he likes to help with the dishes, he likes to climb into the dishwasher while I am trying to empty it.

 Most of the time he gets bored of standing on the dishwasher so he then resorts to pulling the pans out and then he bangs them around on the floor.

While I was putting away dishes the other day he saw his favorite cup and about peed himself with excitement while trying to pull it out.

When he gave up and knew that it was stuck in on the top shelf he moved on to a new adventure. Yep, he found the knives. I should have stopped taking pictures because he soon became a wide-eyed, knife wielding maniac...I think it was because he knows that knives are off limits. Obviously, I am really strict on that rule.

No more pics because I had to retrieve the knife which sent my punk into a back thrashing fit of rage...and the tears came a rollin' out....

   the fish crazed John, the camera happy Halsey, and the knife wielding Punk.


  1. I'm hurt you left our your TWO awesome stops in Billings. And my amazing microwaving and gravy-making skills.

    Since it's your birthday, you're forgiven.

  2. At least you got to leave the state of Wyoming and go back to B-town....