Monday, February 28, 2011

Long Time No See....

So Brecken is growing like a noxious weed. yeah, he is growing that fast. It seems like yesterday that we brought him home from Denver. I remember those tiny, tiny fingers that would gently grasp themselves around my pinky. Every cough or sneeze would send me running to his side and his oxygen tubes. Wow! I am so glad that those tubes are gone.

Now, when he coughs I try to avoid it's direct hit. And those tiny fingers are getting huge. My lil' munchkin is now a big boy.

Along with his big boy status he also has a big boy smile to go along with it. He has the most energetic smile. His laugh sends me rolling and those eyes--well, I am jealous of those eyes. Man, I wish I could have crystal cobalt blue eyes.
 He is also a real Evil Kenevil. He took a major face plant into our mantel...the tears and sobs lasted for about an hour or so, but once he calmed down he had a marshmallow face and a bright smile to show off his war wounds.
 He has also found a love for posing. Yeah, he loves the camera and he loves making faces with food in his mouth. he's kinda gross.
And, the ultimate sign that he is getting big. Well, he is walking. he walks forward, backward, sideways, and he runs. sorta. He has also mastered the stairs. He goes up and down, up and down. He would do it all day long if I would let him.  

He has also upgraded to toddler shoes, he waddled around for the first day, but now he takes off like a mad man in his new kicks.
Oh, and I turned 26. John, with his awesome party planning abilities threw me a surprise party. And, no party would be complete without the presence of Chuck. yeah, he was kick. hahahaa. get it? kick.
We all avoided eating his face.
 John also turned 27. I can't seem to find the pictures of that night, but I did find the pictures of that morning. Yeah, he is a real poser.

I think he could learn a few things from Brecken about smiling for a picture....

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