Sunday, March 20, 2011

Freezing Feet, RSV, and The Pioneer Woman

Two weeks ago we went to Fort Peck to go ice fishing. This mini vacae was John's Birthday present, I would have preferred palm trees and sunshine...I didn't win.
We ended up bringing our neighbors along with us. They were good sports, with it being butt freezing cold and all...and they are also still talking to us which is also a good sign.

I figure if we can make it through an ice fishing trip together then we can make it through anything.

When we got to Fort Peck we ended up staying at the lake and the five star accomidations were amazing, it was a total man haven. The duct tape home decor, mismatched sheets, endless fishing, and 50 sports channels made it John's heaven.  
The trip was fun, but I can honestly say that I have never been so cold in my entire life. Both Kim and I  thought we were going to lose our feet. While the guys were ice fishing we were huddled up in the ice shanty trying to stay warm by the heater, and even with the heater it was still fa-reezing!
 the best fishing actually occured right when we got there and then we got skunked out, and don't be fooled by the pictures--Kim actually caught the biggest fish, but for the sake of helping the ego's of the guys we let them hold the big guys.
 While we were gone we left Brecken at home with Mom and Kelty, I felt weird leaving him because he had been kind of sluggish earlier that week. While we were gone he had a fever and by Monday I ended up taking him to the hospital only to find out he had RSV. crap.

To make a long story short we were back and forth from the hospital all week and John also ended up catching RSV from Little B. In adults, RSV is more like a severe cold, but it can still be very contagious. So I had John quaratined at home for two days and Brecken at home for four days. I was going stir crazy..

 Luckily, as soon as Brecken started to get better the weather also started to warm up. Hallelujah!

In other crazy news, I met the Pioneer Woman this weekend. It was a sweaty palms, shaking experience. Yes, I was the one with sweaty palms....I was giddy, and overally excited. It made for a bad first impression, I think....

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