Saturday, January 23, 2010

First Week Home!

On January 16th we went into Presbyterian St. Lukes for the last time. YEAH!!! Before we left the hospital we had to get him set up on his own portable oxygen tank. He also got his last shots and then we scooted out of the hospital as fast as we could before they changed their minds and told us that we needed to stay.

Before we left Denver we went to Brice and Cyndee's house to prove to them that we were going back to Montana and that we would finally be giving them their house back :).

They have been awesome through this whole ordeal. They literally found out one afternoon that we would be coming to stay with them, for what we thought would only be a week or two at tops. Two months later...well, lets say they still claim us as family. We love them so much, and words cannot describe what a blessing they have been in our lives.

Before we left town they threw a small going away party for Brecken. Here is a picture of the awesome cake that they got him...too bad he didn't get to eat any of it!

Since we have been home things have been going rather smoothly....for Brecken, as for John and I we are learning that sleep is a luxury of the past. We are hoping he will get into a schedule soon. He is still on the NICU schedule which basically means that if he wants something he gets it as soon as he makes noise, I don't operate that way so we have been having some troubles compromising. Also, in the NICU there was always light and noises, so John and I having to learn to sleep with the light on, and there always needs to be some sort of noise.

Furthermore, I look rather stylish these days walking around town with this nifty backpack that carries his oxygen tank. I know you are all jealous and want one for yourselves ;)

This is the machine that he is on at home. The nurse who set it up said that I will love it because it is a calming white noise. Fact: I disagree.

Sooo, on a happier note our friend, Traci, made this amazing hat for Brecken. Everytime we go out I put it on him. I have to say that I am in love with the bill on it!

Brecken ended his first week on a huge note! Tonight we took him to the Cat/Griz Basketball game. Awesome is a total understatement of how well he behaved. For the first half he slept and during the second half he sat on our laps and watched the game. No crying, no fussing. It was awesome...oh yeah, we won the game too! Go Cats!!!


  1. Those last two pictures are adorable! Oh my goodness, I wish I could see the little guy. Anywho, I'm glad you guys made it home. LOVE YOU!!!


  2. Wow I'm so surprised he didn't cry at the game! My kids were afraid of loud noises :) I'm so glad he is home where he belongs.

    He's so cute.

  3. Sweet little boy. I am glad you are home so things can start being 'normal'...! Call me sometime. I'd love to come see you guys. Of course, you are always welcome to the lovely office...Jamie

  4. Congrats on getting the heck out of the hospital! I can imagine how liberating it feels to be in charge of your own baby finally. Good luck the next couple weeks getting the hang of things and don't forget to take naps. naps are seriously the key to happiness! at least for me:)

  5. This is such great news! I'm so glad you all get to go home! Good luck and lots of love to all of you!

  6. I am SOOOOOOOO HAPPY for you Halsey!!! You are AMAZING :-) Wishing you and your family all the best on the road ahead! Miss and Love you!!

  7. Hey WOW!!! home at last! Hey I will dito Camber's advice...NAP!!!! and don't think you will change him and his schedule he will change when he is ready...SOOO you NAP and just take one day at a time and LOVE where you are now...don't rush things too fast! ( before you know it you will be old like JD and I and wishing for the grandkids to come home.) See you at church when you can come...lots of "germy" people there! YUCK!!