Tuesday, February 9, 2010

{Big ol' gummers}

Fact: We are new at this whole baby business. I now realize that two well-educated adults with their master degrees have finally met their match. Yes, I will be the first to admit that when I dreamed of having a baby I thought it would involve a few sleepless nights, but then our lives would slowly adjust back to normal. Sub-consciously I believed that that the baby would gradually learn to live around our schedule. Second fact: I was wrong.

I often dreamed that when I had a baby I would stop working. My days would involve feeding the baby, putting the baby to sleep and then have oodles of time to do all those things that I had dreamed of doing. Those things included decorating the nursery, blogging Brecken's first year, decorating our house, doing laundry, cleaning out my fridge, oohh! and in the process looking fabulous. Well, it is almost 2 in the afternoon and I am still in my pajama's (which are covered in spit up), my teeth still need to be brushed and there is a strange odor radiating from the kitchen of which I have lost all patience to scout out. To my dismay I do need to shower and brush my teeth because I have to be at work at 6:15 tonight.

Brecken on the other hand has already been in two different outfits, cried all day, and has somehow managed to stay awake since 6 am. Yes, the dreams that I had of having oodles of time disappeared quickly since coming home.

I have also come to another realization. While my son is still on oxygen, and will be for quite awhile, I truly believe that his lungs work fine.

Case-in-point #1:

And if you still don't believe here is Case-in-point #2:

And for all you skeptics out there here is case-in-point #3:

Yes, I truly believe that his lungs work fine. His crying is just about as frequent as his dirty diapers.

Now, many of you may say that I need to look at the positive side of this experience. You may think, "After all you have been through you should cherish those tears." My personal belief is that God has graced me with a son who is going to punish me for everything I ever did wrong in my life.

I think his crying is merely a ploy. Before he cries he often makes this face.

Or he will make this face. Of which, both faces are followed by a rapid gun fire of tears, squealing, and kicking.

Deep down inside I am truly a sucker for that smirk and I know that I will take the crying anyday just as long as I can see those big ol' gummers when he smiles!!!


  1. Ha ha! I love your blog so much Hals! Isn't that what we all thought motherhood would be like! :) Oh and those cute little smiles melt my heart! What a sweetie!

  2. i used to wonder what stay at home moms did all day, watch soaps?? haha! you are soo cute!
    i just love those sweet smiles from brecken! he is adorable!

  3. Halsey I think that you need to hear that it is very different for us as preemie parents. This is NOT the experience that full term families don't. It is different for us! The stress, exhaustion, and paranoia of doing things right. The NICU is a traumatic experience and it brings back expectations and fears about being a "good" parent. You are doing great...never doubt that!

  4. It's a good thing they're so dang cute. Otherwise...i may have tossed 'em out the window a long time ago.
    don't worry you're not alone.