Sunday, February 21, 2010

What a social butterfly!

Brecken has become quite the social butterfly. This week we have packed him around to basketball games, parties, President's day shopping, a baby shower(well, it was his I am glad he could make an appearance), and numorous other outings.

I think I may have scared a little old sales lady to death. This past week I was shopping in Macy's and I thought I would work on toning my biceps by caring him around the store in his car seat. Yeah, bad idea. Not only did I have two limp noodles but everytime I tried to pull a shirt off of the rack I would knock another five outfits off the rack by accidently bumping his carseat against the clothes rack. So, I asked this little old sales lady if it would be alright if I sat Brecken down by her register. Now, I didn't go venture all around the store, I stayed close and kept him in eye range. I think the little old lady was scared to death that someone was going to steal him. I assured her that no one wanted to steal my defective baby...who wants to steal a baby that comes with "baggage" aka oxygen tank. I don't think she appreciated my sarcasm.

We also took Brecken on his first walk...ever. Yeah, he slept the whole time. I actually think it took more effort to get John out of the door than Brecken. There is the sore spot in our relationship. Basically, it would be less painful to get all my teeth pulled out withOUT novacaine than to get John to go on a walk. He will hike up and down the Bridgers effortessly, but to walk around the block is torture.

We also went to an 80's party this week. Our good friends, Luke and Missy, are moving back to Utah (not cool). So in honor of their departure from the Big Sky State we celebrated with big bangs, leg warmers, slap bracelets...and Michael Jackson!

Oh yeah, we also celebrated with John and Luke and wearing skin-tight, Miley Cyrus, lepard-patterned jeans. Hot!

Our friends Melea and Chelsy also offered to put on a baby shower for Brecken this weekend. It was fantastic. We just realized how many people care about Brecken and how many people are willing to brave the snowy road up to Mortenson's house ;)

Because his social calender has been free today he has been stuck like white on rice to the Boppy pillow that Melea got him! Precious....

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  1. I have the cutest nephew in the world. booya. You should post pictures of his nursery so I can see all the fun crafts you and mom finished. Yea!