Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Chicka!

So Brecken hasn't met her yet, but his Aunt Kelty is going to teach him many fun things and will fill his mind with many useless facts. As the third sister she has developed a rather unique personality, and it is only fitting that on her 21st birthday that I should share a few fun an interesting facts about my quasi-Napoleon Dynamite sister. Now, in her defense she can't defend herself because sadly she is studying abroad in the land of clovers and leprechans.

What you need to know about Kelty:
1. She loves Converse shoes
2. Her favorite movie is Empire Records
3. She once dressed up in a bunny outfit and stood on the corner of 11th and College with a sign that said "Honk if you love carrots" herself.
4. Her car will never stay in park (beware)
5. The music that she listens to is often emo-ish and usually involves a band of which I have never heard of...
6. She should have been a teenager in the 80's, not only is her closet full of neon jewlery, ugly tights, and a set of radio cassette earrings, but I think she secretly believes that "Let's get Physical" is the mantra of her life...sad, but true.
7. Even though she is gone for 6 months her bedroom is still a disaster.
8. Kelty and Kambrie (sister 2) both have an obnoxiously weird sense of humor and are both in love with Scrubs.
9. She is reliable....very reliable, she moved us into our house.
10. She is named after Jim Kelts--a saddle bronc rider
11. She has a dog, Squirt, a boarder collie/pomeranian mix who believes he is a cat. She also HAD Arial, a house-trained rabbit, Arial did not believe she was a cat, but she did like to eat the furniture.
12. Kelty doesn't eat apples
13. she often quotes Calvin and Hobbes
14. She loves ayn rand
15. Ridge (brother of sis 1,2 and 3) Kelty are best friends
16. Kelty and my Dad share a deep passion for ebay shopping
17. Kelty was the Choteau Bulldog mascot in high school, she could do the worm in her costume...classy
18. Kelty loves to sew and make sock Mom also loves to sew, I don't think she makes sock monkeys though
19. Kelty knows the entire dance to Thriller
20. She loves useless websites, case-in-point: Cleverbot
21. Her eldest sis loves her quacky personality and thinks she rocks!!!


  1. hardee har har!! i love both my sisters...whether they be crazy ambitious and hard working (here's lookin at you, hozzers) or umm...quirky and loveable (none other than the irreplaceable kelty pearl girl). ah, i love our family! anyhoosiers, you have a wonderful evening sister number 1. i love you dearly.

  2. bahahaaa! i like it. there is just one thing--#8. we think we're funny :D and i love you both.