Wednesday, March 31, 2010

{Intentions} or, the lack of :)

O.K. you know the saying, "the road to H-E-double hockey sticks is paved with good intentions?" Yes, we all know the saying. John believes this is the mantra for my life. I yell at him and tell him that I always finish everything. He points at that there are a variety of crafts sitting in the basement that are half finished, a box full of jewelry making junk that has never been used, and a wide variety of moldy food in the fridge that was suppose to be used for my newest dinner idea. I, roll my eyes and point at that while I have intented to do a lot of things. I have however, managed to 1. keep my baby breathing 2. shower on a semi-regular basis and 3. eat, so I don't starve. Though, my examples my be rather shallow (minus keeping Brecken alive) I prove to him that while some of my good intentions do not necessarily follow through it is not my fault. Why? Well, because I deal with this on a daily basis: Yes, the many split personalities of Brecken is what keeps me from following through with all those things I intended to do. For example, I intended to clean the house, but he just kept sticking out his lower lip at me soooo I had to sit there and laugh at him. Those, toes. Well, let me tell you. He is starting to find them. And since that point, I have intended to do the laundry, dishes, and again eradicate the smell coming from my sink, but that stuff has all been pushed off so I can watch him grab at those little nubbers. His smile. Well, heck. I might as well have not even intended to shower (which I haven't yet) because when he smiles it is often followed with a laugh that makes his whole body shake. His laugh, is sooo cute that often I will force it out of him by pushing his cheeks together saying "Chubby Bunny" which makes him laugh and laugh to the point that tears start to form at the corner of his eyes. And, then the laughing stops immediately. Why? Well, do I need to explain this look?

Don't worry. He always manages to bring out that smile after a few moments of crying and the result is this: (p.s. Grams...this is for you!!!)


  1. the last picture is absolutely priceless :) and he looked adorable in his blessing clothes!

  2. Oh don't worry about any of those things you "think" you should be doing...Brecken is the STAR right now and before you know it you will be empty nesters like JD and I. I have never regretted not always having a perfect house or all the laundry done. BUT YOU SHOULD SHOWER...try early before anyone gets up! Love you guys and cute little Brecken!