Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What's so great about the foyer?

Brecken has been growing so fast. I can't believe that just a few weeks ago he got blessed (finally). It was so great to have all of our family in town, but I do think the commotion with a litte much for Baby B.

Over the last week he has changed a lot...I mean a lot! He started rolling over the weekend, he now grabs at my fingers if I dangle them over his face, he chews on everything, he slobbers through three outfits a day, and he has started to babble...all the time.

In church he babbles more frequently, which means that I spend most of my time in the foyer. John teaches a Sunday School class and is now in the Elders Quorum so that means that I am with Brecken for the three longest hours of the week.

I have never spent much time in the foyer, and now I know why. I was bored out of my ever-lovin mind. AND, every time I tried to go back to Relief Society Brecken would get so excited that he would started babbling again, and as soon as I would leave the room he would be quiet. Needless to say, he won the battle, but I am hoping I can win the war.

p.s. I won't give him up for adoption if he keeps flashing this face at me:


  1. No one cares if he babbles through the lesson!! Its probably a welcomed distraction...

  2. Hey, found your blog off of Katies. I love hearing Brecken talk, it is sooo cute! Cant wait til Gabe does it.