Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Official!

On Friday morning Brecken woke up with a 102 fever. I had this internal battle with myself all day while trying to debate if I should or shouldn't take him to the doctor. I knew something was wrong with him when he laid around the house all day and didn't even make a peep. He is usually pretty vocal. He yells at me, the tv, the neighborhood cat, his food, just about anything that comes through his path gets yelled at. BUT he did nothing on Friday.

And even more alarming was the fact that he cuddled with me all day. Am I a bad mom because I was a tiny bit happy that my baby was sick because he finally cuddled with me?

Well, it didn't last long. When we got to the doctor's office Brecken became entranced with the butcher paper on the table and forgot all about me.

When the doctor came in, her name is Dr. Pepper. BAHAHAHAHAHA! She looked in his ears and said that he had an ear infection.

...that was my reaction as well.

So she gave him antibiotics, dosed him with motrin, and sent him home.

later that night he was back to his "tent" routine.

...and now I have the ear infection ;)


  1. ...and I think little B got me sick as well...oooh, sneaky little guy. Although I don't have an ear infection, I kind of feel like I am going to die. Darn sloppy Brecken kisses!

  2. Dang ear infections! Little Brighton just had his surgery for tubes today.. He has had 10 ear infections in 9 months. Hoping for a better winter! We were in the hospital and Doctors office so much. Hope little Brecken feels better soon!! He is so sweet!!