Friday, September 24, 2010

Why is he so happy and why am I so miserable?

Really, I should have known this day would come. I always thought all my possessions would be fine, but they're not. I underestimated the skill and power of the 15 pounds that enable his body to move. Yes, it happened and I have had to watch the horror unfold.

In the last two weeks I have watched Brecken begin to kind of crawl, then crawl, then stand up, then get in the drawers in my bathroom, then tear every one of my magazines to shreds. Oh yes, did I mention he attempted to eat the magazines before he ended their lives. Yes my Real Simple magazine, of which I have waited patiently all month to read became a chew toy before I even cracked it open. My beautifully designed house, while not baby proof, has become a treasure chest of chew toys for little b. The books are missing covers, the pretty flower arrangements have miraculously begun to re-appear in his diapers, and the tv antennae...well it didn't survive.

And why is he so happy? Well, he has come to find out that cords are his best friends, curling irons can easily be ripped off the counter, tv's can be unplugged, and the vaccuum cleaner cord is great to get tangled in. He knows that he is now in control. That's right. My 3-toothed monster has found the new joy in crawling, grabbing, pulling, and screaming.

Along with "firsts"...he experienced his first Bobcat Football game. The chaos that occurs at the game is right up is alley. It is chaotic, loud, busy, messy and has a distinct smell. Oh right, I am talking about my house ;)

Did I mention that he now yells some form of "MAMA"....when he wants something. It is the beginning of the end folks.


  1. Yeah, I think that "mama" yelling thing is here to stay. FOR-EV-ER. You know how when we go home there is a chorus coming from up the stairs...?
    "Mom, can you come up here a second?" "MOTHERRR!!!" "Hey Mom, c'mere!" "Hey Dad! Can you send Mom up here" "Kelty, yell to Mom for me." Yeah. You are now the "mom" in this equation. Makes you appreciate OUR mom putting up with all that, eh? haha :)

  2. It can be SO hard and so irritating for sure. Brighton has been doing the same thing for a while. He chewsssss on EVERYTHING! Ugh, this phase too shall pass though :)
    Love ya!

  3. Well, the answer is quite obvious. You are turning him into a Bobcat! Go Griz!