Wednesday, December 16, 2009

{Frustrating is the name of the game}

So a couple days ago we went into the hospital and Brecken had this horrible rash under his tendergrips (aka the bandages on his face). I kind of freaked out because my first thought was that they weren't checking or changing his bandages enough and the end result was my poor little baby breaking out in a horrible rash. We really tried not to complain because we knew it wouldn't make the situation any better. Cyndee, my sister-in-law, who always make reference to her trailer trash roots decided to call the hospital and give them the 411. Disclaimer: we didn't know she called. So her tactful smackdown basicallly led to her telling them to get their crap in gear and take care of Baby Brecken.

So when we got to the hospital that day the nurses and doctors were VERY attentive. I mean not just attentive, they were so attentive that it was kind of funny. And because of the lack of communication (thus them assuming we knew hospital terms that we didn't know), we were able to find out that the rash was caused because Brecken has very sensitve skin, and we also learned that Brecken has Chronic Lung Disease. here it is, check it out: Chronic Lung Disease.

So since the "incident" Brecken has had awesome care. His rash is clearing up, his eyes are getting better, and they turned down his Vaportherm to 2.5 leters. However, they turned the Vapotherm back to 3 this morning. John and I are both kind of frustrated but we realize that we need to just be patient and do what is best for Brecken.

On a good note, well actually there are two good notes, Brecken took a bath and he {LOOOOOVED} the water. He splashed and kicked around and had a good ol' time. The second good thing has nothing really to do with Brecken, it focuses on trailer trash Cyndee, again, she had us open one of our Christmas presents this morning. She and Kelty got together (scary I know...) and sent our Christmas tree decorations so we could experience a little bit of home. Now everyone say "ahhhhhh". We love both of them (Kelty and Cyndee) they bring a new definition to the word crazy.

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  1. Hang in there! These last couple weeks are the hardest because you are just so ready to go home and be a family. It will come, I promise. Also the chronic lung disease is something our little men have to grow out of. All the medical mubmbo jumbo is what they tell you and it all sound really scary even when it is really upsetting to us as preemie parents. You can do this, I remember being so ready to go home and watching all of the other babies go home and just wanting the same for us. That day will come sooner than later. You are at the end, Breckon is such a little fighter and he too wants to go home and once he gets there he will thrive!