Sunday, December 27, 2009

Little Scuba!

Usually the nurses bathe Brecken, but this week we were allowed to give him a bath. I think we were more nervous then he was. It was a wonderful experience. His cords were taken off and his heart monitors stickers were removed. He looked perfect. At first he squirmed and cried, but once we began to pour the water over his body he began to calm down. He really enjoyed having water slowly poured over his head. He was adorable. He laid in the water cooing.

Earlier this week the doctors decided to turn down his Vapotherm (pressurized oxygen) again for the third time. He seemed to be doing well the first day with his oxygen at 2.5 liters, but by the second day he was squirming a lot, and he was pulling a lot with his chest so the doctors turned him back up to 3 liters. Tomorrow they are planning to turn him down again. We really don't have any high expectations that it will work again, but we are hoping that the new dieretic he is on will make a difference.

The main problem is that his kidneys are still premature and instead of telling his body to get rid of excess fluid, the fluid is left in his body. Therefore, he gets swollen and his lungs fill with fluid. The medication that he was on would basically tell his body to get rid of all the excess fluid. He would have HUGE wet diapers, to the point that he was need new clothes, blankets and sheets. The new medication that he is on is not as intense and does not pull all the fluid out of his body. We are hoping that it will make his weight loss and gain more stable.


  1. Hey guys!
    Brecken is starting to look really good! such a cute little boy! i love those chubby cheeks.... although im sure they look tiny in real life! thanks for the updates.

  2. Halsey, I decided to leave you a love note to make up for the other note I left you on facebook :) Brecken is looking so flippin cute! I'm excited to see you guys!!! I love you!

  3. How exciting!!! I hope and pray everyday that Brecken keeps getting stronger and sooner than later you all will get to be home. I can only imagine the strain of being in the NICU over the holidays. Brecken is so freaking precious by the way. He is a heart melter. I hope this finds you doing well and staying strong!

  4. He is too cute for words :) I hope you get to come home soon.

  5. he's so freakin' adorable!!! i'm excited to see you this weekend!!! love you :)