Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Oh I loooove those eyes...."

Brecken is officially flirting with all the nurses. When he is awake he is constantly smiling and flashing those big beautiful eyes at all the nurses. Today one of the nurses kept saying, "Oh I loooove those eyes..." He has quite a fan base with the ladies.

He also got some new clothes. Aunt Cyndee bought him the cutest dinosaur sleeper and Aunt Liz bought him a sleeper that has reindeer on the feet, it is adorable.

Besides the new wardrobe, the doctors also started him on a new medication called Lasix. Because he is still having a difficult time breathing and his vapotherm had to be turned up to 4 leters again, the doctors are hoping this new medication will help to extract fluid from his lungs. So far he has been doing great with the medication. He has lost some weight, which is to be expected, and the nurses have been able to turn down his oxygen. Tomorrow they are also hoping to turn down his Vapotherm.

He also drank 25 cc's from a bottle today. The doctors are surprised that he is able to drink from the bottle, but is not able to breathe on his own very well. They said that most babies at this age are breathing fine, but have a difficult time eating--Brecken is the exact opposite. I told the doctors that he just craves the attention ;)

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