Monday, November 30, 2009

{Brecken is no longer naked}

Brecken is finally a baby!

Over the weekend he got to eat from a bottle. The first day he ate 7 cc's and today he actually drank 15 cc's. He also got to wear clothes for the first time. The nurses said they enjoy playing dress up with the babies. I don't think John will mind as long as they don't put him in a pink onesie.

When I was on bedrest John and I both made a couple beanies for Brecken. The nurses keep saying he looks like a little elf with his beanie on...I think he looks adorable ;)

And the most exciting news of all---he finally weighs over 4 pounds. He has gained over a pound since coming to Denver!!!

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  1. I literally yelped when I saw that Brecken is wearing clothes!!!! What an exciting moment for you both!!! He looks so strong! I bet he will be coming home so soon. Marcus came home at 4lbs 4ozs! So, he is on his way! What a cutie and I am also so excited that you got to breast feed! I am so excited for you and all of the progress Breckon is making! What a blessing! And I just love the mini bottles they are too cute!