Monday, November 16, 2009

Graduation Day

Today was a very good day for both Brecken and us. Brecken has been moved to what they call the "Graduate NICU". This is a place where they focus on getting the baby ready to go home. In the Graduate NICU they spend alot of time helping the baby transition from patient to baby. They encourage holding the baby more often and helping both parents and baby to build a relationship with one another. They will eventually teach the baby how to eat which prepares him to go home.

Here are a few pictures from today.


  1. Congrats Brecken! We sure are proud of you ;)
    Hope you can come home soon.

  2. yeah big boy! never called me back last week. Like you have a lot going on with a new baby in the hospital or something.
    If you still want to do a late luch let me know. I can do Tuesday or Thursday this week.

  3. Wooo Hooo Brecken! That is so exciting! Graduation points are so hopeful and encouraging! What an eventful day!

  4. He is such a sweet boy. I am so glad to hear about the graduation! I'm happy you get to hold him, even for a little bit. Thinkin' of you! Hugs. Jamie V