Thursday, November 5, 2009


We've been trying to figure out a good way let people know how Brecken is doing and to get some pictures and video out for those who are interested and we figured a blog would be a great to get the word out. So I think the best way is to let the pictures speak for themselves. We'll put in some quick comments or explanations and feel free to comment and ask questions.

We'll try to keep it up to date with any new news. But first some background...At around 28 weeks and 5-6 days Halsey went in to Dr. Haugen for a routine check-up that revealed some initial signs of Pre-Eclampsia. Her blood pressure was very high and she was admitted into Bozeman Deaconess Hospital to monitor both her and the Brecken.

The next day they told us that we would need to go to Billings(the closest hospital equipped for baby's of less than 34weeks gestation). Once in billings the doctors continued to monitor Halsey and the baby for several days looking for any signs that the Pre-Eclampsia was worsening. However the test's were coming back good so they let her out after about a week. She then went to her sister's house in Billings and spent the next few days with her sister.

On Monday the 2nd of November we went into the doctors office and she had a high protein count(a sign that the pre-eclampsia was worsening). The doctors told us that she could go home for the night and to plan on coming in the next morning to meet with Doctor Damron.

That night Halsey started to have some pretty severe pain under the front of her ribs and in her mid-lower back and this was a sure sign that the Pre-Eclampsia was in full swing. We rushed here into the Hospital around 12:30 that night and she was admitted for the night. We sat around and waited and the doctors came back and told us that Halsey would spend the rest of her pregnancy in the hospital...some dissapointing news at the time but we had no idea how quickly the baby would be delivered.

That morning the doctors said that it looked like we would be able to hold of for a few days and I went back to Bozemand to catch up on some work, get ready to move, and get ready to close on the house. The next morning, November 4th (31 weeks and 1 day gestation), right as I woke up to go to work Halsey called and told me that they would be delivering the baby, and SHE informed the doctors that they would be waiting till I got there. I showed up around 10:00 jumped in some scrubs and we were off to the races. The C-Section was completed and baby Brecken was born at 11:30 AM.

I Decided This should be my Halloween costume since I was unable to celebrate it this year.

Obviously there are a few pictures missing here but you get the idea. Halsey is behind the curtain and then WALA...there's the baby.

Here he his for the first time.

The first 28 minutes for Brecken were very dificult for everyone. Once he had been delivered he was immediatly taken to the other side of the room where the doctors began working on him. They expected to have things going smoothly within 5 minutes and I was instructed that at that point I would follow them to the NICU(Neonatal ICU). After about 10 minutes it was obvious something was not right. The nurses began counting for chest compression not for his heart but for his lungs. His heart never stopped but his lungs were having trouble(at this time we had no idea what was happening). The doctors struggled for 28 minutes before they finally got him "stable".

The doctor later admitted that he had tried everything he could think of and for some reason at the last minute he just came around. This was probibly the longest and most intense 28 minutes of my life. Brecken was then taken to the NICU but I was not allowed to follow him at that point due to some "complications". However, later that afternoon we were allowed to go in and see him for the first time. Below are some pictures of his current condition. I'll try and explain things as we go. So without any furter adue here he is.
He definelty has the "Wallace nose" doesn't help that he has the tape pushing his nose up.

If you look closely you'll notice a small green tube in his hand. This used to go to his stomach...untill he pulled it out. The nurses say he is one of the most fiesty premie's they've seen (this is good for now but will ultimatly cause catastrophic pain in his teen-age years).

As a result of the picture above, the doctors were forced to subdue him for a while by restraining his arms so he wouldn't pull out any other cords. This clearly back-fired as the baby began to get angry and turn Hulk, actually he turned a dark red/purple because he was so upset and the restraints were shortly removed.

This is perhaps the most humbling speaks for itself.


This picture illustrates an incurable disease known as "Wallace Ear".


  1. We are so happy for you two! And it looks like you have a fighter of a son :) He is super cute, and hope things get back to normal for you soon.

    Again congrats :)
    Love the Powells in Great Falls.

  2. Geez! way to make your sister ball her eyes out! im so glad he is doing good now. Not only is he a fighter, so are his parents! Thanks for the pictures and video. We love all 'three' of you!
    anna, mason and arleigh:)