Thursday, November 5, 2009

11/06/09 Video and the Blue Light Special

Quick update. Brecken is doing as expected. His lungs are underdeveloped for his age but he is trying very hard. He wants to breath on his own and he takes around 40 breaths per minute on his own and about 20 that are assisted. Most of his breaths are too shallow to function by themselves to the machine aides him by forcing his lungs to expand. The hope is that this will teach him to slow down his respirations and take bigger slower breaths. The good news is that his lungs are accepting the oxygen well at the moment. They currently have him on about 30% Oxygen. The normal atmosphere is about 21%. This is a big improvement from yesterday when he was up around 60%. Anyways here are a few pictures and videos to check out.

BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL. This light is used to help PREVENT Jaundice, but holy cow is it bright. Hence the mask over his eyes.

A quick video to check out from day one. You'll notice all the tubes coming in and out. Most are constanty functioning but all are normal for a baby this age.

This is one of his more "well behaved" moments. You'll notice him playing with the tube in his mouth with his tongue. Usually he is trying to yank them out or getting really upset. He also throws in a couple big yawns towards the end for show.

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  1. Hello, there. I hope your baby and your wife to get better and better each day. It is so moving. Give my regards to them.