Monday, November 9, 2009

11/09/2009 Day 6 "Leaving on a jet plane..."

Well that last two days have been anything but uneventful. On sunday morning one of the doctors came in and woke me up and said that we had some decisions that we would need to make. We went into the NICU and were told that Brecken was not responding well to the ventilator that they had in billings. We had two options, we could go to the other hospital in billings which has a different machine and see if it would help, or we could go to denver where they have several different machines and far superior medical support.

The decision was made that it would be in Brecken's best interest to head to denver. By around noon that day my dad (Toney) and I were on the highway and Halsey was getting ready to go with the baby on the plane. Below are some pictures of the transport team from denver getting him ready to go.

The transport team at Billings Clinic preparing Brecken for transport.

Brecken waiving good-bye to the nurses in Billings.

Halsey riding in the ambulance from Billings Clinic to the airport.

Brecken's private jet...he's already spoiled.

Inside the plane.

5 Days old and he's already living one of my dreams...I've always wanted to ride in a helicopter.

Brecken in his new "isolete" getting ready to get on the chopper.

Brecken getting unloaded from the Helicopter in Denver.

Since we've been in denver things have been great. We've seen immediate response that the doctors have been unable to attribute to any specific change. One of the nurses said that sometimes all the little guys need is a "therapeutic plane ride". However, we've learned that there will be alot of ups and downs along the road. Fortunatly, we can live a little calmer knowing we are in the best place possible for out baby. We'll update you later today or tomorrow with some more specific progress Brecken has made since we've been here.


  1. John, it's so great to hear the update. I'm sure you know that you have a lot of people here who are praying for you guys and your little one. I know you have a lot of people/support here but PLEASE let us know if we can ever help with anything, big or small.

    I think Scott will be on the packing crew this week so I'm crossing my fingers for you that he doesn't break anything fancy!

    Celia (and Scott)

  2. So great to see that there has been good progress! We have all thought alot about you and your new little family! Everyone here is praying for and thinking about you! Keep up the good work. Jaeson rented a U-Haul for your move tomorrow, so it should go quickly and smoothly! He has been in touch with Kelty and they have a lot of guys and YM on board to help load and unload. So don't think a thing about the move. You guys just enjoy your new little man. Best wishes and keep us all posted! -Traci

  3. Dear John and Halsey,
    Wendy passed on the news and your blog info. He is such a sweet precious baby boy. We love what a strong fighter to see his attitude. Our prayers are with you.

    Andrea and Jordon Despain

  4. John and FAmily,
    Our prayers along with all of Bozeman's I'm sure are with you while in Denver. Best to you. The Clark's