Sunday, November 22, 2009

No news is good news....

Brecken had a fairly good weekend. On Friday his Vapotherm was increased back to 4 because he was having a difficult time breathing on his own. Even though everytime we go in to see him he has pulled the Vapotherm out of his nose and is breathing on his own. The doctor also said that there may have been extra fluid in his lungs that was causing him not to breathe so well. They were planning on putting him on antibiotics, but he seems to be doing fine now so I guess they are putting off the antibiotics until they absolutely have to use them. The doctor was also worried about his heart and wanted to make sure that the hole in his heart had not opened again. When the cardiologist came to do the ultrasound he said that the hole was still open but it was so small that we would just have to do a check-up at one year to make sure it closed.

Because of the rough day he had on Friday we haven't been able to hold him all weekend, we are hoping the doctor will give us "The O.k." to take him out of his isolete and hold him on Monday. It is really hard to go in there everyday and see other parents holding their babies and we are stuck looking at him through his isolete, but he still manages to keep us entertained with all of his smiling.

Cardiologist performing the ultrasound.


  1. He looks like he is getting stronger! Such a sweet face! You are very blessed to have such an adorable little man!

  2. he has the sweetest little face!! he is in our prayers!!