Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11/11/09 The first couple days in Denver...

Brecken has done very well since we brought him here to Denver. Over the last two days They were able to take him off the ventilator and put an oxygen nose peice on him. This doesn't make him breath but it provides constant pressure to help him expand his lungs. We also found out that he had a small hole in his heart(this is normal for most baby's especially those that are premature) that has closed up over the last 2 days. He has made some great improvments and is now able to cry, suck on a pacifier, and he has been moved into an isolete(incubator).

Here are a few picture and videos from the last few days.

Brecken sporting his new shades!!

Halsey looking at the baby.

Brecken holding my finger again. This is one of the ways that we have found that we can touch him without hime getting upset.

When brecken starts to get upset it helps to make him feel more confined by putting your hand over his arms.

Brecken playing with his hands.

Brecken sucking on his first binkie. There is a video later showing this in action.

Brecken waking up from a long nap before we started his cares.

Brecken sucking on his pacifier for the first time.


  1. Yeah Brecken!!! This is so awesome i cant believe his progress in a few days!

  2. You and Halsey are doing such a wonderful job!!!Making all of the tough choices to do what is best for him! He is too precious! The NICU is so scary and isolating.Please know that our home is full of hope and prayers for his continued growth! We look forward to the 3 lb. mile stone! We went though all this 15 months ago and know that you can do this even when it feels overwhelming and surreal. Brecken is a little fighter, you can tell by his little grip! much love and more respect!

    ps. Our Marcus had a NICU nickname and it was Mighty Mini Marcus. Breckon should have one too! Brave Bigman Brecken. They may be small but they are strong.

  3. Thanks for the update! He is doing so well! You are doing a great job caring for the little man.

  4. Oh my gosh, i hope you two are doing ok. Having a baby in the hospital is so's promising to see improvement though that's great. good luck, i hope he comtinues to grow stronger each day. we'll be praying for the little guy.

  5. Oh my heck, John. Those videos made me cry :) For serious though, they did. I hear Hals finally got to hold him. Yea!!!! Well, keep me updated. Love you guys!

  6. Oh Great Day Brecken! grab all those good days!! Love THe Clark's