Saturday, November 7, 2009

11.07.09 Day 4

Brecken has done great over the last two days. Chest X-Rays revealed that his lungs are still not as developed as they had hoped, however he is doing very well. They have put him on a medicine that "sedates" him a little and helps him to stay calm. This has helped to slow his breathing and allows him to conserve more energy, and helps him to sleep. Sleeping is extremely important for premies since they can't grow unless they are sleeping. In addition this also keeps him from "freaking out" as much when he is touched or moved.

Other news...his lungs are taking oxygen better, we were able to change his first diaper(this usually isn't something to look forward to in most baby's, atleast that's what they tell us), Halsey was able to see his face for the first time, we saw his left eye however his right was a little swollen, and the volcon death grip has re-emerged today. The video will show most of this. So enjoy...

In this video you'll see a lot of new things...diaper change, nurse taking his temperature in his arm pit, you'll see his face for the first time, and you'll get a little perspective on his attitude when he won't let go of his cord.

Just a quick profile view of our BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL...

Here Brecken is stretching a little bit aftwer his "rude awakening".

Our first picture of Brecken with his "eye" open.

Brecken got a little upset when we woke him up to change his diaper. The nurse in this picture is trying to calm him down by putting him back in the "fetal position".


  1. He is a sweet little angel. I want to hold him. He is so adorable I have tears in my eyes. Hope you are all doing well. I'm thinkin' of you. Jamie

  2. What a sweet little gift from Heaven. Little Brecken as well as mom and dad are in our prayers. We will continually pray from strength and perseverance for all three of you.

    My sister had her first daughter at 31 weeks in Billings, it was a long road but they took excellent care of her and she is now a happy healthy 6 year old.

    God Bless,
    Julie (Anderson) Carroll

  3. Halsey all I have to say is thankgoodness for facebook! I had no idea! I am so glad that the two of you are doing good. I have been so worried! I love the name! anyway you never said how much he weighed and how long he was Im sure that he is tiny. anyway CONGRATULATIONS!!! we love you and hope that things are doing better!!

  4. Oh JOhn and Halsey! What a cutie! All three of you are in our prayers. TAke care LOVE THE CLARK'S

  5. Hey Halsey. Julie called me last night and told me you were in Denver. I would love to visit you if your up to it. I left a messge on John's phone. Please let me know if you need ANYTHING. Place to stay, rides, whatever. 406-451-1364