Monday, November 16, 2009

Now that is just crazy...

Brecken has remained fairly stable over the weekend. A few new developments have occured. First, the nurses were finally able to take Brecken off of the C-pap machine and put him on VaperTherm. Vapertherm is basically pressurized oxygen that helps to keep his lungs expanded. Unlike the C-pap machine he is doing most of the breathing by himself. If he can get to the point where he doesn't need the VaperTherm the next step will be just an oxygen machine to provide him extra support.

Secondly, the doctors and nurses have been a little concerned about his heart rate. Over the last couple days it has been any where between 160 and 210 heart beats per minute. At first they thought it was the caffeine shots they were giving him, but since his heart rate hasn't decreased they have decided to call in a Cardiologist to perform some EKG's to see if there is something that they are missing. We will know more about that later today.

Finally, on Saturday the nurses decided that it was time to change his IV. The plan was to insert a central line near his heart. The central line would make it so they wouldn't have to change his IV so often. However, they kept blowing through veins. So the next step was to find somewhere else to put the IV. Instead of putting it in the other hand or in his foot they decided to put the IV in his forehead. Poor little guy didn't like that very much.

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